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Copper Pipe Repair & Replacement

Plumbers always recommend copper piping for clean, drinkable water. If you are thinking of updating your pipes and drains, copper piping is the most durable pipe and is generally guaranteed from the manufacturer for 50 years. This means you likely never have to worry about your pipes again. Call us for an estimate on copper piping today!

Useful Information On Copper Pipes & Repairs
  • Copper tube has been the material of choice for water-supply plumbing for more than 70 years – or ever since indoor plumbing became the standard for American homes.
  • Copper is not synthetic; it’s a natural, environmentally friendly material that won’t crack or crumble within years after installation.
  • Copper tubing is the only plumbing material available with such a long record of reliability.
  • Over the long haul, copper plumbing requires less maintenance and fewer repairs. That means fewer hassles and lower expenses during the period the buyer lives in the home. Real estate agents confirm that all-copper systems add value when it comes time to sell.
  • Copper is even recyclable, making it a more sound environmental choice.
  • Copper plumbing doesn’t release toxic gases in the event of a fire, because it resists burning.
  • Copper water pipes are durable. Copper pipes are good at handling heat without losing strength or shape and are resistant to corrosion and high water-pressure.